The A5/A7 Program

The A5 and A7 programs can be life-changing for those who are frustrated with the healthcare industry. Drs. Aagaard and Armbrust together created a model where relationship is key, and with a long-term outlook on your health. With annual agreements, your loyalty to our practice brings with it many benefits unlike anything you may have experienced before.

  • Same Day and Next Day Appointments
    • You can schedule appointments within 24 hours Monday through Friday. Waiting time is held to a minimum.
  • Nursing Staff Access
    • Medical staff will have access to your medical information to expedite inquires, and be able to schedule appointments with the doctors on the same call.
  • Direct access through MyChart and a dedicated Fax Line
  • Comprehensive Wellness Planning
    • The doctors will work with you on a personal wellness plan.
  • Longer Office Appointments
    • Our doctors spend more time with you during each appointment. They listen more and do more than just address your current problem.
  • House Calls
    • When possible, the doctors can make house calls, including visits to senior care facilities.
  • Coordination of Medical Needs During Travel
    • The doctors can help coordinate medical care when you are traveling.


There is an annual fee to join.  Staff are available to answer any questions you may have.  Please contact our office if you are interested in becoming a member.  We can also schedule an on-site Meet and Greet or telephone call with one of the physicians to discuss your specific medical issues.


The annual fee is not reimbursable by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. Flexible benefit plans may reimburse for the expense. We encourage you to check with your plan. Separate medical services will be billed through your insurance provider.